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[$3 OFF!] Ride Halloween Keychains

$1.00 - $4.00

Halloween charms featuring characters from different series!
They are all dressed up for the occasion!

Single-sided: One side only.
Approx 2 inches each.
Made with orange fluorescent acrylic. It does not glow in the dark, but glows under ambient or UV light. Actual product color may vary.

19 spooky characters to choose from:

-Build (Mad Scientist)
-Ex-Aid (Mad Doctor)
-Ghost (Ghost)
-Drive (Car)
-Gaim (Jack-O-Lantern/Scarecrow)

-Wizard (Witch)
-Fourze (Alien)
-OOO (Mummy)
-W (Skeleton)
-Decade (Gravestone)

-Kiva (Vampire)
-Den-O (Oni)
-Faiz (Werewolf)
-Night Rogue (Bat)
-Brave (Possessed Armor)

-Snipe (Scaredy Cat)
-Lazer (Headless Bikeman)
-Genm (Dancing Zombie)
-Para-DX (Jiang-Shi)

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