Ex-Aid Trilogy Keychains

  • Ex-Aid Trilogy Keychains

Keychains featuring Ex-Aid Trilogy+ Episode Zero characters!
Double-sided: Has a different front and back design.
Approx 2 inches each.

Made with clear acrylic.

7 designs to choose from:

-[Restock] Hiiro Kagami/Brave (Taddle Legacy Level 100)
-Taiga Hanaya/Cronus
-Black Parad/Another Para-DX
-Cat Maid Poppy/Idol Poppy
-Kiriya Kujo/Lazer (Giri Giri Chanbara Level X)
-Kuroto Dan/Genm (God Maximum Mighty Level Billion)
-Young Taiga Hanaya/Proto Snipe(Level 1)


  • Brave (Taddle Legacy)
    0 in stock
  • Cronus (Taiga)
    0 in stock
  • Another Para-DX
    6 in stock
  • Costume Change Poppy
    3 in stock
  • Lazer (Level X)
    10 in stock
  • Genm (God Maximum Mighty)
    15 in stock
  • Proto Snipe (Level 1)
    0 in stock